One last day !!! – Startup Weekend ticket for €25 and you will either joy or regret


18th of March, 2016, 23:59 – that’s the time when ticket price will go up…

Only last few hours for you to get the Startup Weekend Košice 2016 ticket for €25. New price will go up to €35 so better get your spot today!

Choose the field you are best at and get the right ticket:

Designer – you have a hunch for a good design and you can create eye-candy graphics

Software Developer – you know what fronted and backend mean and you can juggle with your code

Hardware Developer – you are technically skilled, you can build stuff and you know how things click together

Business – you are the numbers guy, you understand money, business and financial forecast

Marketer – you are full of ideas to innovate, promote and sell anything that is worth it

Why should you buy this ticket?

  • for 54 hours you will become the part of Startup Weekend
  • you will meet and get networked with great new people
  • you can get your skills evaluated in real opportunities
  • you can get your own idea made real
  • you will learn a whole lot of new stuff
  • you will gain new experiences
  • 54 hours among bunch of the most keen people around

Don’t forget that the price is the lowest right now and it will go only up from now on…. dont hesitate and grasp your opportunity

Nezabudni, že cena je teraz najnižšia a pôjde už len vyššie… Tak nečakaj a chop sa príležitosti.

Convince yourself, that you can do stuff! 

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I am a final year student of engineer degree in filed of financial management at Economical University in Košice. Lately I spend my time writing articles, reports, blog posts... I'm not a stranger to the world of copywriting and marketing.

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