What was Startup Weekend Košice 2015 like?

A year has passed since Košice gathered more than of it’s 100 startupers who spend 54 hours continuously working on their ideas. People from different corners of Slovakia and even from abroad came to attend. After presentations of the best ideas, the newly assembled teams began their hard work weekend. Software and hardware developers, designers, marketers, businessmen – they all collaborated to reach on common goal – to pull their plan through all the way to success. Multiple participants managed to achieve that and the best have deserved their rewards.


Top three places got their diplomas and interesting gifts from our partners. Besides the rewards for individuals, there were also some for the whole teams, like cooperation with agencies, memberships in coworking spaces for 6 months and financial rewards to help launching the ideas.

To give you a closer look at the last year’s event, let’s go over it’s best best of best.


I. place – TaskyFlock

Challenge your day! This was a founding idea of the most successful project. Communicate with your friends and give each other different tasks that help you experience new activities, get to know new traditions and cultures of your friends from opposite site of the globe. Have fun even during the days full of work and difficult moments, relax, make your day better… the TaskyFlock team worked hard even after startup weekend, changed their name to WonDare and recorded success not only in Slovakia. You can read more about WonDare at



II. place – Emomime

Emomime is 3D avatar (virtual character), that will replace mannequins not only in shop windows in small retails chains. The core idea of the whole project was to generate profile of current and future customers. Kinect would watch and evaluate bypassing people, recognize their age range, gender, emotions, apparel and use these data to create the behavior that will avatar use to lure customers to the shop.



III. place – AdRocket

AdRocket is a set of tools that helps businesses design and plan their marketing campaigns, build their profile and get to market without the need of designers or advertising agencies. AdRocket contains 3 main tools: Mailsign provides the universal mail signature for all of your emails with an option to place the ad banner below. Mailer creates mail campaigns and gathers feedbacks. AdRocket Marketing replaces the advertising agency when it comes to creating mterials for both online and offline campaigns.

A few photos from Startup Weekend 2015 Kosice for a better idea.


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