Leave pitchforks and torches at home!

Hello Eastside,

so now it is clear, what Eastside Feedback will be about – 4 presenters from 4 political parties will have up to 6 minutes to pitch a specific solution for a specific problem out of their whole campaign. After each presentation we will have up to 10 minutes to give them feedback. Each presenter will follow the rules and the sample deck we provided on January 29th.

So much about the presenters. The rules of startup world though apply to both sides, so let’s go over some guidelines for the audience.

  1. Politics can get a shallow hate on any other event. If there was a startup in front of you, according to your own experience you would immediately understand, that there is no point in taking someone down just like that. Take whatever their pitch offers and evolve it, build on it, improve it – be constructive and add what presenter missed to make it work.
  2. We have set clear range of topics for politics to follow – entrepreneurship, innovation support, tax system,… it must be clear to all of you. We know that Slovakia has many flaws in many places, but as much as we want politics to focus on as narrow prolem as possible, we need you to do the same, to achieve the best results on this event. We will moderate the feedbacks too – if you go sidetracked, we will cut you off and give space to someone else.
  3. Presenters that are not presenting at the moment are part of the audience and are allowed to give feedback and questions to the one presenting. Of course all the audience rules apply to them as well.
  4. First 6 minutes of each presentation are dedicated to pitch. We do not interrupt, question or intervene in any way. The combination of rules and field is pretty difficult, so let’s wish them luck, so they can do their best.
  5. After all of the presentation and feedbacks it is up to each participant, wether they stay of free discussion and networking or leave. The followup information will be provided later by Eastcubator – wish us the best, so we achieve all we have planned.

We will see each other on February 10th at 18.00 in Old Town hall at Hviezdoslavova 7 in Košice.

Let us know you are coming here.

Be good and wish us the best.

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