Eastcubator’s answer to politics

Okay Eastsiders, just like us, you probably couldn’t avoid the fact, that the elections are coming. Besides all else, we got reminded through emails, in which different political groups offered us business lectures for our community.


I have a question. I noticed that you had lectures with Sulík, or Mihál…”

Jozef Mihál gave us a lecture at the beginning of December last year and for Eastcubator’s target group it’s value was inarguably priceless . On the other side, the event with Richard Sulík wasn’t even organized by us – it might still look different from outside, but Košice city is bigger than just Eastcubator, there is more of us – next time do your homework.

Decembrová Jozefa Mihála prednáška v radničnej sále Starého Mesta v Košiciach.
December’s lecture by Jozef Mihál at the old town hall of Košice

So first we refused

So far we received multiple propositions for topical presentations and discussions for entrepreneurs with promise of apolitical character  (lector is long-time entrepreneur, he founded this and that company, he started this, achieved that, etc…)

Our eastsiders were not born yesterday and the very presence of political group’s representant would invoke an idea of political campaign – we wouldn’t fool even ourselves by throwing event of such kind.

Every political party is a group of poeple and if we by accident incline to one of them, we might unwillingly turn our backs to some other. That’s not what we are about – Eastcubator is meant to be permanent, open and accessible haven for anyone, who is willing to work on something.

Our first reaction was, naturally, to keep our hands away – if they have valuable topics for entrepreneurs, they will remain valuable even after elections and our door will be open to politics then.

But elections will not come until march and we will probably receive more of these proposals. Also keeping away doesn’t feel like us. We have never been hiding (right the opposite) and even against politics there must be a stance that will allow us to let it come to us and gain something for eastsiders without hurting them.

Then it came to us.

They wanted to have it about startups and business – OK

The worst case scenario was, that the lecture for entrepreneurs will be just an excuse for a political party’s campaign. So let’s rather throw out the idea of lecture and make it all about politics. Instead of them inviting themselves, we can handle the invitation and give them space to present their future plans in government. But we will do it language our community understands the best – pitch & feedback.

Presenting ourselves is a fatal necessity for each one of us – nobody will cut as a slack just like that, when we need to advance with our projects. Let’s put to the very same position those, who are going for a government of our country and let them know, if their pitch makes sense or not – we are the investors, they have a plan. You know the drill 😉 

Let’s invite those our future will depend on

Side by side with the brightest from Eastcubator we will take a closer look at the top 5 political parties that are the best candidates according to the research from december 2015. As hot candidates for parliament chairs, these parties will be responsible for our country’s life and business conditions for the next 4 years.

We limited it to top 5, so each party has enough time for it’s presentation and we also want enough space for our fruitful feedbacks for what we will hear from them.

This way we publicly challenge leaders of parties SMER-SD, SIEŤ, KDH, MOST – HÍD and OĽaNO- NOVA to choose their representants, who will express party’s goals in fields of entrepreneurship, innovations support, education and tax system.

Each party will be contacted by Eastcubator via email. To give you a better picture of what our trained audience will expect from you, we will compose a set guidelines for your presentation. People are ready for you, will you be ready for them?

Last but not least, we are inviting all the eastsiders – you know what we need, how the bullshit sounds and you know how to give constructive, logical feedback. To our stage we will deliver you projects, we never had there before 😉

Simultaneously with this article, we also published the event, where you can join us and follow all the progress and preparations. Just click this image.

It is one thing to go and vote. The fact is though, that you have only one vote and there is multiple parties that tha parliament will consist of. With our live feedbacks we might be able to give these parties some common and more acurate goals – after all, on day we might be able to vote without fearing, where will it end up this time.

Let’s roll.

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